Don’t built walls but bridges to make everyone in contact with each other!

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I do not believe that separating states using a wall is a good idea regardless of profound economic, geographical and financial reasons, because I strongly believe that bridges must prevail, that is, all those means and tools used to put people, nations in contact with each other, rather than adopting separatory and somewhat discriminating measures.

What would have happened to our much acclaimed western civilization if we had prevented the domination of the Arabs, Normans with walls and even before them Phoenicians and Greeks?

Would the great Roman empire ever exist in the presence of walls?

And America itself, champion of freedom, emblem of democracy, even though it is a very young nation, would it really be what its history was based on segregation, discrimination, lack of contamination between nations?

Would America be the first world power if it continued to pursue the racial segregation policy adopted for example in the 1800s to the detriment of the Indios relegated to the reserves?

I really do not think so.

I also do not believe that a wall - the "beautiful wall", as he once called it - can solve the problems of immigration and drug because the system is always found to obviate a architectural barrier.

I consider that the real revolutions are not revolutions of "things", i. e. linked to the construction or destruction of a trivial reinforced concrete wall with barbed wire, but that it is a revolution of ideas and therefore to solve the drug problem , in the meantime , must proceed to an education of the new generations against the use of drugs, that is to say, act on the cultural level, after which one should act on the judicial level and on the security front, or adopt particularly strong and significant measures for those who are guilty of the crime of drug dealing and at the same time be able to adopt measures to lower unemployment levels and therefore remove many young people from criminality, because a poor man,hungry man is prey to the mafia, illegal associations; in the presence of a job, a law that protect the honest and go to punish the dishonest probably the phenomenon would be resized.

This is my debatable opinion in this regard. What do you think?

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