Eid Mubarak 🌙🧿

Eid is something that brings most people together no matter the ethnicity. A few days ago a friend asked our other friend if she was fasting and she said she was so she automatically put her food and drink away and said she’ll have them later. I was so proud of my friend. The next day she brought in some cookies and sweets and said to her that she could eat them when the time comes that she should break her fast. This shows me how thoughtful friends I have, and made me happy that even though people might not be from the same religion people still care about others belief.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    13 May 2019

    It sounds like you have great friends! We don't usually allow posts that aren't directly related to the current Issue, but I thought this one could teach us a lot. How can you link this, and the behaviour of your friends, to the current topic about walls, borders and migration?

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  • Hornsey-logo-250x250.jpg inspiring_performance | Hornsey School for Girls
    21 May 2019

    As i said Eid brings people together but putting walls between people just pulls them apart our countries have their own issues but in order to stop gun and knife crime, big issues like these won’t get better if we divide people. We need to make us closer.

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