Final piece


In my opinion the wall for the Americans represents freedom, for Mexican crime and drug dealing, but not all immigrants are malicious and in search of Chaos, but in the mind of an American, from my perspective, there is fatigue in seeing patrols fighting groups of illegal immigrants that cause only destruction.

On the other side of the wall, however, the Mexicans suffer from this division, which represents humanity that no longer exists.

In the mind of a Mexican, building a wall is a threat because they will not have a helping hand from America, only a few family members often leave the country to be able to earn money to send to their families, so they can make them live better.

For the Mexicans the Americans are racist, but, as Hector says in the 6th book of the Iliad, "one day the sacred ilio will fall", today "Ilio" is Mexico, tomorrow it will be America that will ask for help and the inhabitants will migrate to other countries.

I think that those who come to our country in search of help must be helped, we are human and we are all one big family and we cannot let our brother die who desperately asks for help ... it isn't human.

I know it is too simple to talk about something, not living it, well, in my country there is the same problem: people arrive on our shores with shabby boats in search of hope, a new beginning, happiness, life ... many people die on those boats... and there is someone who says he wants to close the borders and I don't conceive it.

I would never let anyone die at sea, especially a brother.

we must create a better world and to do so we must fight egocentrism.

"The tears of a red, yellow, black, brown or white man are all the same."

(Martin H. Fischer)

"Racism is the most serious human threat to man - the maximum of hatred with the minimum of reason."

(Abraham Joshua Heschel)