The walls have always played an important role in the history of humanity. Just think of the Vallum Adrianii (2nd century), the Jerusalem Wailing Wall, and the Berlin Wall.

We are now living in an age that could be remembered for the construction of the Trump wall, a barrier of around 3,000 km, which divides Mexico from the United States. It is therefore a matter of historical importance, with a cultural and economic weight that is not at all indifferent.

We have to meditate a lot before making a decision of this caliber: should we build this wall or should we not?

To give an answer to this question, I tried to identify myself with both an American and a Mexican.

As for the American people, I believe that this wall could increase the well-being of the country, increase its security, limiting, as far as possible, the great power of Mexican drug traffickers.

However, if I were a Mexican, emigrating to another country to seek better living conditions and escape from violence, I would like someone to welcome me, not to set me up against a wall.

My people, the Italian one, has been the protagonist of a remarkable migratory wave from Italy to America in the twenty-first century. And now we are faced with the problem / resource of immigration of African peoples.

I am convinced that multiculturalism brings advantages and favors integration between peoples of different cultures. Our world needs desperately solidarity and love, and we will never give love to the world by building every type of wall.

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