FINAL PIECE: people should be able to move wherever they want


(my own drawing-inspired by Kal)

(Letter idea from another BNC member)

Dear Donald Trump,

I am writing this letter to persuade you to stop making your 'big, beautiful wall'. Your wall has been causing many arguments in society so I hope you take time and look at what you are causing. I have 3 main reasons to why you should stop the making of your wall: it will stop migrants from getting a new life, society are not very happy about it and it will divide people who have distant relatives. After reading this letter, I am sure you will understand the reasoning behind my thoughts.

My first reason, to why you should hold back the bulldozers, is that you are not allowing migrants get a new life. There are thousands of people out there, looking for a home and hoping to move to a better place. They had suffered hard enough back where they live, and kicking them out of the US will make them feel unwanted. Surely a person like you would never want to experience that emotion? You may think that letting people in from Mexico will be dangerous and bad for the country. I understand what you are trying to get at but the wall won't do anything besides wasting money. People can get in anyway with or without a wall so maybe you should think about strengthening your police force. Now that you have read this reason, I am sure a person like you will understand.

My second point to why I think the wall should not be plan A is that the public are not happy about it. People have been protesting around the streets and have been trying to get your attention. They want you to listen to them and have a second thought about what you are doing. You might think that you are in charge so you should make decisions, but you are in charge of your country. You are supposed to hear them out and listen to what they are trying to say. You can't tune them out. You wouldn't like people not listening to what you have to say so why treat other people like that. Now that you have heard this point, I am sure you will make the right choice.

My last argument to why you should put a stop to your wall is that citizens of the US are being divided from their distant relatives. How would you feel if you had a family or friend that you are close to but you can't ever visit? Other people will end up feeling like that two. You shouldn't separate family and friends but bring them closer together. After hearing this argument, I am confident some sense has gotten in to you.

I hope you take this letter to further decisions and I hope you make the right choice. I am not trying to be a push over and I dot want to force you to stop but I do want to advise you and tell you to look at what you are doing to society. Now that you have read this letter, I am confident you will make the right decision.

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