People Should Be Able To Move Wherever They Want’.

People should have the right to move anywhere they want because:

  • They Might Have Unpleasant Lives In Their Country

I think this because, in countries like Syria, their are sometime gas attacks and wars that have recently took place. Found on Wikipedia, apparently 400,000 people have died during one of these dangerous events that took place in 2018. Also, adualts and children are likely to get hurt and a lot of the time have as Syria is not a safe environment for people to live in. Therefore, I think that people should be able to move wherever they want because they might be in need to find a safe place to live and they shouldn’t have to risk their lives just because they can’t move away. More proof to back this up it that thousands of refugees leave Syria everyday because of the terrible conditions that there are in their country; this has resulted in their population decreasing as it is 9.7% (4,000,000 people) lower than the previous year.

  • They Might Seek Help In Countries That Are Richer

I think this because some countries might be to poor to be able to afford to provide an education for the citizens. In the UK, all children are able to go to school for free- but it is not like this in all places. Therefore, people might refuge to countries like the UK, where it will be easier for them to go to school. Also, poorer countries may not be able to afford food and drink. I know this because in some countries in Africa, there are always people going there to help provide water and food if the economy lacks its. For example, there’s a company called ‘Water Aid’ that raises money to buy water for poor countries. This shows that countries will need help if they can’t afford to support themselves. Alternatively, not all countries in the world are given help those countries might have to move to support themselves.One point that I stated earlier is that in countries like Syria, it is not safe as there are wars/gas attacks. Hundreds of people get severe injuries due to the tragic events. This would result in needing medical help or they could still be hurt or sick and they might unfortunately die. This point also backs up that they will need to go to a richer country to get help/support so then they can get better.

  • They Might Want To Move To A Country With Fairer Laws

I think this because in some countries like Pakistan, a girl named Malala was shot because in her country, the women aren’t allowed to go to school. Then, after she took an exam in Swat Valley, she was unfairly shot by a masked gunman on a bus she was taking home. In my opinion, everybody is entitled to be able to go to school so I don’t think women deserve to get shot if they want an education. Therefore, I think people should be able to leave their countries if they believe that the laws there are wrong and unfair. Adding to the conversation that sexism is very wrong, women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. To me, like if a women wants to go to school, they have the same m right to learn how to drive. Therefore, I think- whatever the law may be- everybody has the right to be able to do it. Then, if they’re not able to do it in that specific country, they should have the right to travel somewhere else to be able to do what they want.

Overall, I think everyone should be able to move wherever they want. In my opinion, the world wasn’t invented to have laws and to not let people be able to make their own descisions. Therefore, I diasagree with the fact that because Donald Trump believes because he has all the power over the USA, that he can decide where people can go and not.


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