FINAL PIECE : Walls only create hatred and discrimination!


With this experience I have started a growth path of thought and of English language, for this I have to thank the BNC staff and my English teacher.

I have understood the importance of the walls both physical and moral walls that can arise between peoples of different ethnic groups such as Americans and Mexicans.These differences between peoples can lead to episodes of racism and discrimination. Moreover many Mexicans are often wrongly accused of drug dealing in the United States,but I think this is just a lie to accentuate hatred towards Mexicans, who emigrate to the states only to live a better life.

History teaches us that in the world there have already been episodes of circumscription between two peoples or even between citizens of the same city as in Berlin in the second post-war period,but the reasons for that wall were only political and not racial or discriminatory as in the case of Trump's wall.

In my opinion, walls of any kind (moral and physical) are wrong and create discomforts between people of all types and races.Also slow down the evolution of the human race.

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg quiet_horse | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    30 May 2019

    I think that not all walls are bad. You are saying how walls or not good for is but I want to see another side of this discussion. Walls and borders protect us from anything bad. That's what Trump thinks he is doing. He thinks e is protecting the US from the Mexicans but he is also hurting the Mexicans not only physically but mentally too. Walls and borders are also good because it gives us privacy. If we didn't have walls in houses, you wouldn't want someone staring at you and invading your privacy. And borders not only protect us, but our belongings as well. In one I our discussions, we said how fields have fences to keep trespassers away, protect the cattle etc. Factories also have big fences to keep is away from something that might harm us

    1. Dante Alighieri.PNG enchanted_power | Dante Alighieri
      quiet_horse's comment 03 Jun 2019

      I agree with you, especially about the wrong thought of Trump that he thinks he is doing a good thing.

  • Beckers Green Primary School inspiring_hen | Beckers Green Primary School
    19 Sep 2019

    Well i agree with you but also he is trying to do good for America and he has human rights to do that, he is the governor after all.

  • Hammond School logo loved_moose | Hammond Junior School C
    09 Dec 2019

    Donald trump is a trump! So don't build a wall like that old fart!

  • global-conversation.png flourished_dinosaur | Rev Father Lemmens Basic School | Ghana
    26 Apr 2020

    That is not bad wall, and I agree with you.

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