Free movement for all?



My opinion on free movement is that we should have it because nobody deserves to suffer in wars and poverty like many people are doing now. We only live once and everybody should have the right to live life at fullest. It also would be fair because we live in a rich place and millions of people are trapped in their county and have done nothing to deserve it. You might think differently and I'm very exited to know what you think.


The Free movement is a right everyone should have but their are massive problems and that's why more walls are been built and more separation across the globe. Nobody is doing anything about it because they don't believe that it'll make the world any better. People's lives are suffering because of walls. Free movement would allow many people to escape from their country but that might be a bad thing for many of us spread accross the globe because they will just come to our country and then too many people will be in England and other country's. This may be a problem because with free movement you can't just kick them out the country. Free movement allows them to go and live in many countries hastle free. Nobody really knows what to do if that happens which is why we should have free movement but we should probably wait until we have a solution to it's problems.

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