freedom of movement

This post will discuss the topic of freedom of movement and will explain both sides of an argument determining whether or not it would be acceptable to move freely from one country to another.

Firstly, free movement is acceptable for the reasons of being a last resort to asylum seekers who have fled from their home and country at the risk of not being accepted in their immigration to another. Asylum seekers exist because they want refuge in another country because their own is dangerous or war-torn. Surely it is human to allow them free movement, otherwise we would be responsible for the annihilation a-many fellow humans, and that would in fact be ‘bad form’

Alternatively, freedom of movement can be an unacceptable thing to do for the reasons that, if too many people immigrate to one country then it can become over crowded which can lead to other problems such as more people on the streets and famine and drought on a monumental scale which can be terrible for not only the residents of the country but the immigrants as well. Another reason of free movement being unacceptable would be that foreigners (not agreeing with trump) could bring across violence drugs - and one we have been avoiding for years – war.

In conclusion my opinion of free movement mixed. As I explained previously it can be dangerous not Just for the residents but the immigrants as well, but by not letting them in you can cause death and pain as well by letting the war and conflict catch up to them.

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