He did the wrong and the right thing


Wow. First it's situations with democracy like Brexit and now this! Can't these leaders just calm down for a bit? I don't really enjoy this Brexit case but I kind of agree with Trump. If it was me then I wouldn't want thousands of Mexicans coming into my country. I'm not trying to say that Mexicans are horrible people which they aren't, I'm just saying that if there were too many of them migrating into the country that I govern, it would not only raise the population but also there would be more money spent and more food eaten just like what happened in China. I think in 2013 November they introduced a law that people could give birth to only one child to reduce population:

-A couple=Only one child

-A single male or female=Two children (the law of having two children if you where a couple was later introduced)

I am actually very happy that Trump decided to build a wall instead of making parents have one or two children. Many people might not agree with me because they might think that the wall is unnecessary as the US has managed all these years without having to build a wall and that its not fair that America is mainly focusing on Mexicans coming. However, others may agree as America could run short on money if we have too many Mexicans crossing the borders but that is very unlikely to happen.

Pros and Cons of the wall


  • Trump's wall is probably not going to stop drugs coming into the US.
  • The wall will affect the environment by blocking wild life migration.
  • The wall would be incredibly expensive to American taxpayers. Some say the cost is around $15 billion, $25 billion or $59.8 billion for example as an estimate. Different people and websites have different estimates.
  • It won't stop a large amount of illegal immigration.
    • If we allow Mexicans in, they will contribute to the economy of the country and they will also promote diversity, inclusion and cultural differences. If the wall is built that means that the US will misss out on opportunities that the Mexicans could bring in.


  • Mexicans can't climb over it because there would probably be something like barb wire on the top of the wall.
  • Trump is keeping to the promise he said in his campaign speech.
  • Lots of construction and building jobs will be created by building the wall.
  • By building the wall, there will be less gaurds needed to patrol the border.


Has Trump decided what the wall will be made out of yet?

Why would Trump want to build the wall when he believes in the motto ' United we stand, devided we fall'?

After the wall is built, will people start protesting to have the wall knocked down?

How are the immigrants disturbing him? Is it because of drugs coming into the US?

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    23 Apr 2019

    Hi extraordinary_thought,

    Well done for being open-minded and considering both points of view.

    In 2013, China actually began to relax their one-child policy which I think began in the late 1970s.

    Where did you find your facts about the wall from?
    Can you answer any of the questions you have asked?

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg extraordinary_thought | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    23 Apr 2019

    Thank you for the star and correcting me about China's one-child policy. I actually got my facts from an after school session and I think I can answer one of the questions.

    Why would Trump want to build the wall when he believes in the motto 'United we stand, divided we fall'?
    In my opinion, I think that Trump would want to build the wall even if he believes in that motto as according to him, the Mexicans take American jobs and are a threat to security. And maybe in his opinion, he thinks that the meaning of the motto only applies to the USA and not to the entire world.

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  • swedish school.JPG coherent_fruit | Skellefteå
    29 Apr 2019

    Before i saw this i didn't want Donald trump building the wall and i still don't but i can see why he would. I agree i wouldn't want to have a law saying you can only have one child.

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg cheerful_leaves | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    09 May 2019

    I totally agree with your points in fact even though trump is being a bit harsh by making a border saying Mexicans keep out. He wants his country to be the best it can be and also affordable to his citizens . Well done on the star to!

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