Historical vs Present? (Great wall of China vs Donald Trump's wall)


To begin with, I will be talking about a past example of a wall (The great wall of China) versus a present example of a border (Donald Trump’s wall.) and why Donald Trump may be inspired to build a wall. Please feel free to leave your comments below! This topic has a lot of aspects to it, so throughout this article I will include:


-What do Borders do?

-Information about the Great wall of China

-Information about the wall that Donald Trump wants to create.

- The great wall of China vs Donald Trump’s border.

Throughout this article, I may use language that you may not understand, so here are some of the words I may use:

-Border- A border is, fundamentally, a wall or fence which encloses an area.

-Immigrating- Moving from one area to the next.

-Economy- The amount of money available in a certain country.

-Overpopulation- There are a lot of people in one area, that it may start to become over-crowded.

What do borders do: Borders, both, protect and divide countries and people. They can divide them politically or literally. They could divide them in the sense that they separate both countries and enclose them. Or, they could separate them politically (Politicians and the public may not agree with the idea so they may start a democracy.) In contrast, borders can protect people from danger, crime and can protect their privacy as well.

Great Wall of China: The Great wall of China is, essentially, a border which is around 20,000 km long and it dates to around 221 BC. This wall was built by Chinese leader, Chu, and his main aim was to defend his kingdom from invaders from the north. The wall was mainly built for protection, but it was also used to stop people from immigrating from one area to another. This wall is guarded by many trained soldiers. It was also used for shipping items from one area to another as this wall divided parts of China. This wall, furthermore, had many techniques when it came to protect the kingdom. The wall increased the Han people’s economy as they could easily transfer items between one half and the other. In addition, the Great wall protected the silk road (a road that advertised the culture and democracies of China.) The wall (Despite dividing people) created peace as each section could have their own freedom as well as their own laws. The Great wall of China was a success and many tourists and others visit, in memory of its past.

Donald Trump’s border: Donald Trumps idea surrounds creating a 3,145km wall which runs through America and Mexico. Donald Trump wants to create a wall which splits Mexico and America. There are many reasons as to why he would like to do this, however not all of them are accurate. Many people believe that the US and Mexico will be protected by this border because there would be more privacy and more ownership on both sides. Some critics suggest that, the US will slowly become over-populated as more people (mainly Mexicans) are immigrating into the country. Donald Trump, by building the wall, would prevent over-population from happening but he would also (slowly) lose resources as he needs people to run certain jobs such as farming, cleaning etc. Many people question that, overpopulation, is not the problem and that there may be a lack of resources such as housing. Overall, many Americans agree and disagree with his decision.

The great Wall of China versus Donald Trump’s Wall: The great wall of China is an excellent example of a wall that has succeeded and has fulfilled its purpose. Some people believe that, Donald Trump may be slightly inspired by historical walls and borders, and he has decided that he wanted to create one of his own. Many people are confident that Trump’s idea will work however some still doubt the idea. Statistics question whether; The wall will fulfil its purpose, or will it not make a difference? The Great wall of China wanted to protect its people; Donald Trump may want to do the same thing.

Overpopulation? : In this article, I have used an example of overpopulation in America (America has many resources and there are many reasons as to why people would want to move there.) I have mentioned that it may not be a lack of resources. It may be due to the amount of freedom within the country. However, there are some solutions that Donald Trump could use for overpopulation, if it becomes a serious issue. The government could try and raise taxes on certain things (E.g fast-food as; this food group would not help benefit America and many people -since it is widely available-would be contributing towards solving the problem) and use it to help build; new houses to house the growing population, new schools (for education) and perhaps more hospitals to help the population if they become injured. The solutions that i have provided will, indefinitely, help the population and it may help Donald Trump by deciding not to spend a substantial amount of money on the wall. Lastly, by trying to solve the problem of overpopulation, America's economy would grow as there would be more people working and paying tax.

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

If you would like to read the articles i have used, they are here:

https://www.historyanswers.co.uk/ancient/five-facts-about-pharaohs/ https://www.travelchinaguide.com/china_great_wall/facts/why-built.htm https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/15/trump-mexico-border-wall-status-migrants

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