In a perfect world without barriers


If we lived in a perfect world , there would be no barriers of any kind.

Everyone could try to improve economic conditions by freely going to work in another country. But I am aware that this is not a perfect world and that many people believe that the foreigner can constitute a threat to their status .

If I were a Mexican I would feel very mortified to see that the neighboring people build a wall to defend themselves from me . I would go to the USA to find a job and earn more money to make me and my family feel better. I am sure that this would be an enrichment for US economy and not a threat. Moreover , cultural exchange could also be an opportunity for growth and development . Also for these reasons , I would hope that the wall was not built.

If I were an American I would ask my President to give up the project of bulding the wall. It would be like going back in the past and not looking to the future. The huge amount of money needed to build the wall could be better used to support integration policies and fight poverty and social differences . I don't want to consider my neighbor as an enemy . I don't want to consider the stranger as an enemy. I wish to consider them as one of us and I don't want to be afraid of them. Also for these reasons , I would hope that the wall was not built.

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