Is freedom of movement a basic human right?


Firstly, there is affirmatives and negatives to freedom of movement. I am going to analyse both sides of the argument and dissect all of the points.

Affirmative Points:

My first point is that you’d earn respect from the people that do support free movement, which is a fair few people. Secondly, your nation would be seen as a safe haven for asylum seekers. On the Contrast, if too many immigrants see your nation as a safe haven, it will overflow and experience famine on an unprecedented level, which I will address now.

Negative Points:

As compared to Aff, Negative has a lot more plausible reasons. First, the country, as aforementioned, would experience terrible drought and never-seen-before famine.

Secondly, there would be a vicious cycle as shown below

1st stage: The immigrants would move and settle.

2nd stage: Too many immigrants because they’d have settled well.

3rd stage: Famine would come knocking on the door amd the middle class would shatter,leaving a fine line between rich and poor.

4th stage: Everyone leaves the place and it becomes a developing country again.

My Opinion:

I feel there is no real answer for free movement. What can we do? Let the Public Decide.

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