Is is a good idea that Trump want's to build a wall ?


why do people/leaders build walls,is it for pretection ,to make sure people don't escape from that country ? The president of the United States donald Trump wants to build a wall to stop the Mexacins from going into America with all kinds of stuf witch Trump does not want,walls in the past have been for good things and bad things . Have you ever heard of the Great Wall Of China , well it is a very big wall witch is 21,196.18 kilomiters and 13,170.70 miles long ,it has hundreds of tourists visiting it evry year .Then you have the Berlin wall in Germany this wall was ment to stop people from the east Germany to the west , the good thing is that most peole got to the other side but some peole did not make it. Then you have the wall what the town Hungry built to stop more and more people coming into there country because it was getting to overflowed there are more walls allover the world some caused conflict ,more conflict then there was and just for toureist attraction .If Trump builds this wall of his witch might cause more conflict beetween America and Mexico ,If you have an different opinion please coment your opinion.

by enlightened_apricot

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