Is Mexico the real problem?


The construction of the wall between USA and Mexico was begun in the first period of ‘90s to stop illegal immigrants and drug’s traffic. Today on the border line there are some fences but for the current President of the USA, Donald Trump, this isn’t enough and he proposed to finish building the wall for all the border that divide Mexico from the North America.

It’s clear that costs are huge and probably America is not ready to face these types of expenses, so Trump initially thought that Mexico will pay, Mexico refused and Trump proposed to change expenses to legal immigrants in America. This is not a good solution.

In my opinion, a part from economic reasons, building a wall is the easiest solution for Americans but is not the best.

Thinking about a wall’s construction is such us a journey back in past, a dark past. What is the meaning of history and memories if we continue to make the same mistakes? Different reasons are not a justification.

The best solution to stop problems like these, for me, is try to improve military defenses and increase inspections, not only on the borders but also in the intern zones of USA because problem is not a exclusive responsibility of Mexico but of a bigger illegal system.

Anyway, it‘s sure that if communication will be close with a only one country problems will be not solved with immigrants and drug’s traffic because from this point of view America would close borders to all the rest of the world.

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  • IIS.PNG involved_duck | Napoleone Colajanni
    08 May 2019

    Hi allowing_thought!
    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    I too your opinion, because, in my opinion, we must understand history not as a setback but as progress, trying to scrutinize the origins of man and to realistically explain the slow emergence and the tiring constitution in society.
    And if the memory, the remembrance but above all the story are important to learn to walk in a right way and not to commit the mistakes of the past, what meaning would the construction of another wall have, retracing the steps of a past, or rather as you said you,of a dark past?

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  • IIS.PNG versatile_moon | Napoleone Colajanni
    10 May 2019

    I agree with you, a wall would definitely not be a solution to the problem, but by now there seems to be nothing left to do to dissuade trump.
    Do you think there is a temporary or definitive solution to support the American will, without resorting to the construction of this wall?

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