Is the freedom of movement a basic human right?


The freedom of movement can be described as having the ability to move freely from country to country. However, Donald Trump is against this.

One arguement for the the freedom of movement is that people get to move freely around the world either for jobs or for the pleasure of travel. Also, by confining people to their own countries, the government are confining them from new experiences.

On the other hand, with so many people moving around the world, some countries may become overpopulated and create problems with money and public services such as healthcare. These services would find it harder and harder to cope with the amount of people.

In conclusion, I think that the freedom of movement is a good thing. Although Donald Trump and many others have plenty of reason, they are limiting people's lives which is not good. I believe that we should not be restricted to our own countries and that everyone should experience new things as often as they can which the freedom of movement allows people to have.

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