Is the wall just a metaphor?

Everybody has heard of Donald Trump’s wall and his unicorn pledges of constructing them from the money of the Mexico’s people and government. However, after countless attempts, national emergencies, and high fraught trepidation and high fought prizes. Yet they all failed every single one of them. In the midst of this practically hilarious failure I’ve grown to wonder if there is another agenda. And with a stroke of luck meeting with our local MP, Ed Vaizey, I might of got a reason why. Now a quick warning, I am shooting hot facts here and I don’t want anybody to be offended; some people might be offended. Yet with gusto not seen since Winston Churchill’s speeches, I travel forward.

One has to ask this question before I can go further, how did Donald Trump get elected for president of United States of America? Well some would say it was Clinton’s leak of papers, others would argue that it was Donald’s charisma, some would argue that he was just better. However there is an underlying factor about his policies. They’re racist. Looking at his foreign policy (found here or here ) there is an underling sense of controversy that Mr Trump could pull up. He refuse to rebuild diplomatic communications with Cuba, He emphasizes his desire of increased border security on Mexico’s border. According to the republic, the beast and Vox he singles out Asian. Trump has a fear of china invading Senkaku islands, in japan, and has feud of trade tariffs as well. Trump in visions that the EU was made to battle the US super power in money terms. He even supports a famous American policy, America first all about fixing America and claiming it title as the world’s best super country. Looking at the demographic for votes trump was aiming for one group. Old white men. I do want to clear up. I’ve moved from Trump’s policies and know onto his voters. (I’m looking at so if you want to validate go ahead.) And one more final fact. The majority of guns are located in suburban and rural areas, usually for rural areas these are legacies left by white men to their children. Back to the demographic of voters one can get a clear understanding of the split between the two candidates. 88% of all of Trump’s voters were either rural or suburban. 6% of all the black people voting voted trump with a 28% Hispanic voting trump as well. That consist of 12% of all of trumps voters as Hispanic, black or other leaving a massive percentage of 88% white people voting for Trump. Looking at gender it is a two sided army with Clinton claiming the most female whilst Trump handles the most men. And an even more obscure fact is that 0% of all validated black women voted Trump. Zero. Random fact. There is one more fact that I need to glaze over before I head to Mr Vaizey. Age. The difference isn’t that all dramatic the older you get, but Trump does claim all of the ages 30-65+ yet there is a gaping deficit and that is with younger voters. 28% off all validated voters voted for Trump from the ages 18-29. Just saying. I can go on but now onto Mr Vaizey.

When we met Mr Vaisey I am inclined to believe that it was a highly interesting experience what, may not be drastic but, will alter my life. In doing so we asked and we informed of many answer about question varying from Brexit, knife crime and immigration. In doing so I asked whatever it was okay to criticize the wall. It would cost 58 billion dollars saving 128 billion in the process via the stoppage of immigration and potential drug flow. So in theory it was okay. Mr Vaizey however did point out a different idea. Even though the wall would unlikely be built there was an underlining plan due to his policies. With the wall as a starting point he can and he does spread his blatant racism. He blames Mexicans, Asians, Israelites, Chinese, Obama, drugs, blacks, all sort of things on America’s problem and obviously sometimes he is wrong. Really wrong. Yet this appeals to a certain type of people. Patriots. Ever type of patriot that is white and male.

Trump has plan to run his country the way he wants. Or at until his second term of office that is. 72.4% of the people that lives in America are white. That is enough people to drag over to his racist, patriotic views and help him win him his second term. His plan I believe is to run America back to the old days and make sure it is America first not America is equal.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    22 May 2019

    Thanks for submitting your Final piece. Your writing is very engaging, and you've used a really journalistic style. You've been awarded a star for your storytelling skills. I wonder whether you've made entirely factual claims throughout. Have you fact-checked and made sure your stats are correct? Also, what about white patriotic women? Did they vote for Trump? Have you written this piece with any bias? It's natural to do so, but we should challenge the assumptions we are making to ensure they aren't clouding of skewing our judgement.

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    1. Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg vibrant_lobster | Faringdon Community College
      Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 03 Jun 2019

      Thanks for the comment Olivia. As a scientist I tend to check my facts before hand and I've made sure they are true. The majority of women who voted for trump were white with small mixture of others and hispanic but 0% off black women voted for Trump. ( and trump does win the slim majority with white women. I do believe he focuses on male patriots but his policies will also influence female patriots as well. It could be that the females whose partners voted Trump voted that in there husbands interest but in today's modern era I doubt that. I am biased against Trump and the newspaper and websites I've quoted might be biased as well. You free to challenge me yet I have refrained from using bias in my post. I do try in all my work to remain factual throughout but for effect I can become extravagant.

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