Is Trump seeing both sides of the argument?


Has he got the right to do this? For or Against?


Trump should not build the wall because people also voted against. I know that it has to be a majority vote, but did he let Mexico have a say on this? This might of been a caimpagn promise, but what would of happened if most people voted against? Would of ignored the against votes and lied to the whole country or would of he just let it happen? If the Mexicans cannot be part of U.S.A (America), how can they trade food or clothes?


Trump should build the wall because most people voted for the wall to be built. if the majority voted for it, thay had their reasons. If the wall is built, (it is being built) it will protect America from any wars with Mexico. (E.G. the Mexican war; started in April 1846- Febuary 1848).

In summary, I personally think that his idea an bad idea and I relate to my against points above.

Finally, here are some questions you can answer underneath-

  • Do you think he should build the wall?
  • How can they trade if they they are blocked off?

Thanks for reading my article!

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg lucky_trumpet | Morley Newlands Academy | United Kingdom
    29 Apr 2019

    I agree to you because some american people could have family or friends in Mexico and it will not be fair to not see them. Also people from Mexico will not be able to go to work if there work is in america and they will not get paid.

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  • Ormiston-Bushfield-logo-250x250.jpg persuasive_moth | Ormiston Bushfield Academy A | United Kingdom
    01 May 2019

    I personally believe that the wall shouldn't be built. You said that people may think that building the wall could protect Americans from any wars that mexico could start. Here is the problem though any wall can be knocked down and wouldn't building the wall just cause mexico to want to start a war. Trump made a promise to keep America safe and him building the wall is his way of doing this. Trump first off all wanted Mexico to pay for this wall, something that they don’t want to do but now he’s taking it off american taxpayers. He not even thinking about any of the Americans when doing this. An american could be working in mexico but living in american building this wall would probably end up putting a lot off people out off jobs. About your question about america trading with mexico after the wall is built, well I believe that if Trump wants to be blocked off from mexico so much then why would he still want to trade with them. He has many other countries to trade with.
    This is why I believe that the wall shouldn’t be built.

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  • Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg beloved_chocolate | Graveney School | United Kingdom
    01 May 2019

    I think that even if the USA and Mexico will be blocked off from each other they will still be able to trade because, although they cannot access each other, there are still checkpoints and crossings along the border where traders and vehicles with goods can pass through. As well as this, they could also still trade via shipping because there is no wall over the sea, trading ships could still pass between the countries; there is nothing to stop them travelling and trading by ship because nobody owns the sea really, and it is impossible to build a wall on it. I think that trading between South American, Central American and Mexican trade to ad from the USA will be almost the same because before the wall, there was still a border, and border control, ad I some places barbed wire, which is not very different from having a wall, apart from the fact that there is a physical wall there. Both before and after the building of the wall there will probably be trade, and the routes will not be affected because Trump will want to keep trade, so the routes will be kept open, but probably with border control. However, there may not be the same trading relationship between USA and Mexico, due to changes in the political relationships between the two countries, changed because of the wall. I think that the political relationship between America and Mexico would change because I think that the wall would be viewed, both by Trump and Mexico, as something created by the USA to keep out Mexico, and to shun them. This may be regarded as a wish to sever ties and break relationships with Mexico, which may make Mexico not want to keep the civil relationship that it has with America, affecting all aspects of their communication, including trade.

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    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
      beloved_chocolate's comment 02 May 2019

      Good job pointing out some assumptions being made!

      I think that some countries do own some of the sea, depending on how close it is to their land.

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  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
    03 May 2019

    Some people may think that trump should build the wall because there are too many illegal immigrants from Mexico. Some people may think that the US could get overpopulated with Mexicans. This may be because there are 36.3 million Mexicans there, and this can easily increase. I think some people wanted the wall because at first Trump wanted Mexico to pay. However, they said no so, now there is no definite way of payment.
    I think that he shouldn't build the wall because it's a waste of money. He could do better things like building hospitals. Also, the Mexican people haven't done anything wrong so why is he building it? In our session, I said it's like Hitler ( It's a little extreme I know. ) I said that because he went against the Jews even though they didn't do anything. Now, it's not like Trump is going to start killing people for who they are and where they are from but there are small similarities. Furthermore, the wall is going to be a metal fence, so it's not going to be as secure because people could melt a hole into it or cut it open.

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