Is Using Walls Better Than Not?

Is using walls better than not? I thought about this because many people disagree with Donald Trumps decision ; to make a big beautiful wall. But what would happen if he did not build this?

If He Didn't

If Donald Trump didn't build (or plan to build) this wall, what would happen to America or Mexico? Nothing, or somthing big. As the website:

: says, ' A quarter of the British public support Donald Trump'. If Donald Trump cannot build his wlal, what are these people going to do? Although alot of people are already upset with Donald trumps decision, so we would be going with the majoritys choice.

If He Does

If Donald Trump does carry out this plan (which he probably will) allot of people will be unhappy, British, American, and Mexico alike.

Ways To Prevent This

Trump states that Mexico carries their weapons and illegal items into America. If this is true, then there are ways to stop people being upset.

  • Build an XRay scanner - like the ones in airports. This will prevent people bringing in and taking out weapons or illegal items . These can also have different times, and monitered, so if people in Mexico want to cross into America, they can walk through the Xray (making sure its open) and be checked to be alowed in. Aswell as this, catching criminals will be easier too.
  • This isnt as protective as my previous idea, but we could have a gate with guards. These would be monitored at certain times and have lockdown times. Of course these would have fair times for the workers.

I hope that this post gets you thinking or sprouting other ideas!

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