It isn't only Trump...


In the world there isn't only Trump, only His ideas.

For example Hungary wants a wall for delete migrants from Serbia.

This wall will be 175 kilometres long.

From 2007 a wall divides Pakistan and Iran and it's 700 kilometres long.

There are many others walls like a wall that divides Israel and Egypt anda wall that divides north Korea and suth Korea.

Indeed some walls aren't war purpose in 21st century like the wall in China which is 20000 kilometres long. This wall was built more than 2000 years by a Chinese impereor; he's wanted protect his land from other lands.

Today this wall is a great attraction for tourists.

Others walls,instead, have been the cause of conflicts and lifeless lives, fallen into oblivion:

for this fact I want remember the Berlin wall ,that during the Second World war divided EAST Germany and WEST Germany.

This wall as always been ,or at least since 1989 , memory of victims, broken hearts and many, too many tears.

But for me many wals are in many places because some people didn't want war.

And so, can a wall save people from war or people, crowds will die too with war?

Are all theese walls really usefull or are theese useless?

What do you think? And if we could change the story without never more walls ?

Without war?

THere is a dream because people kill people, too wirth walls.