less walls, more humanity!


session 2: During the history of humanity several walls have been built, the best known is the great wall of China, Which is 20,000 kilometres long, in fact it is the longest wall in the world.

Comparing to Donald Trump's project, which provides for the construction of a wall to avoid, according to his opinion, immigrations and drug trafficking, this one instead was built for defence purposes against an enemy who wanted to subdue China, whereas Mexicans absolutely don't want to subdue the USA.

Another wall whose memory is sadly known is the wall that, during the Second World War, divided Germany into two parts: East Germany, which had very strict rules and West Germany where people had more freedoms.

The wall of Germany and the Trump's wall were built for different reasons, but there are also some similarity, for example both walls separate relatives living in different parts and these walls aren't a good solution to the problems of the countries, in fact there are always people who disagree and fight to cross the border.

Now we must learn from the past mistakes and make sure that all the people, who died just because they wanted to reach their family in the other side of the wall or wanted to seek better living conditions, didn't die in vain, so we must demolish walls and barriers, and we put an end to useless deaths

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