During Trump's campaign, in 2016, he promised he would have built this "big and beautiful wall" between Mexico and Us. But now a lot of people from all over the country are rebelling against the president and all his staff, who are using illegal ways and too much money.

I think there are two different points of view to talk about this fact. A lot of people voted Donald Trump so that he could rule the country. Before the election they all knew his plans. He's just keeping the word. Even if his big project is ethically unfair, those who elected him are behaving in a contradictory manner also if their reaction is right and justifiable. Maybe they also reacted like this cause they believed that they don't have to pay.

It's necessary to say that this project is horrible, almost impossible to realize and unprecedented. I also think that the problems of immigration and drug dealing can't be solved and this is not the best way to control these ones, in fact there are many statistics which can confirm this, for example an expensive money investment could weigh on the society or problems regarding businesses. Anyway I think that they could legalize the arrivals stipulating diplomatic agreements with the countries of origin, first of all they have to open again regular admittances for immigrants in order to not proceed trough illegal ways, they could increase integration dynamics so that it's possible to reduce the feeling of insecurity and xenophobia and they would administer the welcome better.

Finally I would like to add that they should learn the concepts of "humanitas" and "philantropia" of the ancient Romans, i.e. the solidarity and feeling part of the human condition and indicates a sense of civilization. For this reason I think that we can end these problems with a single weapon, the culture.

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  • swedish school.JPG coherent_fruit | Skellefteå
    10 May 2019

    I am totally with you that it is a horrible thing to do and not right in the least

  • IIS.PNG involved_duck | Napoleone Colajanni
    10 May 2019

    Knowing history and above all reflecting on concepts such as the "humanitas", which leads to a critical look at a reality that seems to have lost values ​​and principles that it is still possible to find in Greek-Latin culture, could lead us to scrutinize the origins of man to avoid committing the "mistakes" of the past ", such as the construction of the Berlin wall operated between 12 and 13 August 1961 to protect the local population from the fascists present in the West and to stop the" invasion " represented by the continuous immigration from East Berlin.
    For this reason I think, as you have already said, that we can solve these problems also taking advantage of our knowledge in the cultural field and the ancient world, a unique heritage of science and knowledge, has always appeared to my eyes as a lifeline to evils of contemporary living because Greek-Latin culture leads to reasoning and reflection requiring interpretive rigor and methodical study.
    It does not offer shortcuts to thought and imposes a daily rethinking on several aspects of reality, offering a wide-ranging vision of the whole world; it allows us to reflect on current problems by rediscovering their roots in the past and offers possible solutions respecting humanitas, making us people capable of having infinitely wider perspectives.
    From the classical world it is possible to draw on culture with both hands and to get the chance to escape the sprawling octopus that threatens to wrap and crush new generations: IGNORANCE!!
    For these reasons, I fully agree with your opinion and I was completely impressed by your post.

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