Let’s Talk About Walls!


Let‘s Talk About Walls:

My wall is made of concrete, purple, and strong for me to have my privacy between me and my parents room. Imagine life with out walls. You will be unsecure and you'll have NO privacy. Now let's talk about trump... he want to bulid a wall big, beautiful wall, across USA and Mexico, since he didn't want them to pass illegally with drugs on them. He wants to cover it with solar panels, and it absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity. He was planning with the concrete then he changed to a fence from 1/3 of the way. He orginally wanted Mexico to bulid the wall but now taxes money will be spent on building the wall. It was estimated to be costing billions of dollors. He wanted this since he wanted privacy in his running country. What is your wall like? What is your wall betweening you with? Tell me in the comments!

NOTICE: I haven't been on the site much since of SATs and lots of revision but am back!

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