No borders: one only Earth


At the end of this experience my opinion is richer of information and my initial idea is surer.

I still believe that walls mustn't exist, they're barriers against integration, against exchanges and finally against human progress. Builing walls for humans means destroy evolution with their own hands and in this way evolution becomes involution.

Knowing history that seemed to me so far and knowing that today people continue to make the same mistakes makes me sad and I want that one day we will hear a loud voice which say stop to this regression, a voice that say stop to every type of barrier in and out of our own countries because I learnt that we can raise barriers also in our "territory" because of the large turnout of immigrants. They're people like us and we have to welcome them with open arms and help them without prejudices, selfishness and without expecting anything in return. They deserve the possibility to live another life, a better life an we have the moral duty to offer it as much as we can.

So, we have to demolish this wall around our mind, put an end to this attempts to overthrow values such as unity, solidariety and convivence. What is this Earth if not a single one in which a nonpareil population lives, a population full of different cultures and then full of starting point to involve? How can we think to wreck this?

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  • IIS.PNG involved_duck | Napoleone Colajanni
    28 May 2019

    To allowing_throught!
    To be honest, I agree with you and I would just like to say that I was amazed at how good your post is and the title really works. Your post really made me think and amazed me!
    From involved_duck!

  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg quiet_horse | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    30 May 2019

    If there were no borders or walls, what will we do about the walls in our house, the fences in our garden etc. You wouldn't want someone invading your privacy if you had no walls or trespassing in your field because you have no barriers. What about those wall? Will you still want them demolished? And what about the borders from different countries. There may be thousands of migrants from developing countries coming to a developed country. This will make the country seem very crowdy and countries will be overwhelmed by the amount of citizens coming in. The world could be one but there has got to be some sort of limit. The world must be in balance. Having no borders is extreme and having a lot of borders is also extreme. So I think we should take a middle path, avoiding the two extremes and have some limit.

  • Hillyfield School logo triumphant_performance | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    14 Nov 2019

    I think that borders are a good idea but I do think that this border shouldn't be there. By the way I loved your post!

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