Since he was elected Trump has a project in mind, namely to build a 3.155 kilometer large wall so that he can divide the United States of America and Mexico, for various reasions, namely that the Mexicans steal the job of Americans, or that Mexicans trade various types of drugs etc. For me it is a completely wrong idea because first of all it is a huge waste of money, money that could be used to solve most of the poverty in the world, or could be used to for example, even more, the fight against cancer. In short, this money could be used for various important issues and not for unnecessary issues like this. Creating a wall means dividing, and with divisions nothing else is achieved other than discomfort and poverty. We have already seen it with the Berlin Wall, a large wall that only made discomfort. Why instead of moving forward, or of uniting ourselves, we divide going further and further back, wasting large amounts of resources that could be used to solve the real problems that persist today?

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