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I try to be pragmatic. I don't want to beautify my speech basing it on the moral view of

the problem and I'm not surely an expert, but in my opinion Trump should find a middle ground on

his decision of building a wall between the USA and Mexico. I recognize that his idea isn't

completely wrong and visionary, because I can't imagine the problems that Americans are facing

with illegal immigration and all the consequences, and even if travelling is in the human nature,

today is sometimes necessary to set some limits, but I think that there is always a solution for every


Secondly, did Trump think about the cost of his wall? After having caused the longest

shutdown, hasn't he thought about a cheaper solution?

The best thing to do in these cases is to think about other solutions that aren't neither too radical

nor too expensive.

Maybe he should impose his ideas in other ways, such as an higher control of the

borders (letting enter only legal immigrants or those who obtain the status of asylum seeker

refugees), because not all Mexicans coming to America are going to sell illegal substances or to do

nothing useful for the society; there are a lot of them living in misfortunes with their family and

really looking for a job and a new hope.

Is it wrong to give these people a chance? If you were in such a situation, wouldn't you want someone to welcome you?

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