If we don't tolerate the intolerant, if we had not allowed him to expose their xenophobic, populist and demagogic ideas; if we had prevented them from going up to power, the world could be better and we would not allow the diffusion of the ideologies that characterised the historical right.

We never learn from mistakes which we made in the past.

The ancient Greeks felt the hospitality towards a foreigner a sacred duty. But in the latin world, since antiquity, sometimes there is a sort of racism, in particular in "De origine et situ Germanorum" of Publio Cornelio Tacito are mercilessly attacked the uses and customs of very different cultures.

Today there are many walls in the world that separate cultures and civilizations and Trump is going to build another "big, beautiful wall", because he wants to keep the promise that allowed him to have the consensus among the masses.

This is the problem: The people agree. We prefer to build walls and not bridges. We believe that by building walls and controlling in a police way our lives can solve the problems of the present.

But I wonder: Why the humans always had the necessity to prevail over each other and to seek confrontation?

We always make the same mistake again.

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  • Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_conclusion | Weston Favell Academy | United Kingdom
    10 May 2019

    I respect your opinion; however, I disagree. The point of some walls is the exact opposite of seeking confrontation - it is to stop this. For example, the Berlin Wall was built to try and stop fights ,among other things. Although this caused massive controversy, the reason it was built was to prevent confrontation- not start it. You speak about how we build too many walls and not bridges. There are problems with this statement. I know you are speaking about borders between countries however what if we took away all of the walls. There would be no proper protection from prisons. Also, if we built bridges between countries that were fighting, there would be a higher number of deaths.

    However, I do believe that as a planet we need to become more connected. We need to join together more and sometimes we can do that with physical barriers in our way. Greta Thunberg is an example of this. She originates from Sweden and has come across a physical border ( the sea) to speak to the UK. Therefore, sometimes physical borders do not stop us coming together as a community.
    In conclusion, I believe that walls can be the solution to confrontation-not the problem. Also, we can come together as a community with barriers between us.
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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      honorable_conclusion's comment 13 May 2019

      This is a really great comment which gives good reasons for your difference in opinion, you have also shown open-mindedness in the second paragraph. Do you have any questions you could ask, which would develop the discussion further?

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    2. IIS.PNG clever_tsunami | Napoleone Colajanni
      honorable_conclusion's comment 21 May 2019

      I respect too your opinion, but in this case Trump doesn't want to prevent a conflict and in my opinion he wants to isolate his country from immigrations and assert America's superiority over Mexico with the excuse of an excessive Illegal drug trafficking, which is still done through official checkpoints.
      When I wrote "we prefer building walls and not bridges" I meant that there must be more cooperation between the States and only then they can prevent a conflict so not building borders. For me, in this case, Trump should use an alternative solution, for example he could find a job for Mexicans and Americans that provides for mutual cooperation, so it could diminish poverty in Mexico which is the cause of these discord with America.
      At last I think that building barriers is a way to avoid problems and not to solve them.

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