People Should Be Able To Move Wherever They Want


'People should be able to move wherever they want'

I personnaly think that this should happen, I believe this because it helps us experience new places, which helps us in school, helps our social skills and helps us explore.

Reasons For

  • The Berlin Wall was (and still is) a major part of history. This historical landmark was built in 1961. It was 3.6 metres tall and divided East Berlin from West Berlin. When it was made, people could be heard running to the wall shouting - tor auf - which translated means, door open.They did this because family, wealth and a happy life lay across to the other side.
  • People might be able to help other countries. People have really good skills, and might want a better job. Many people move to England for jobs, since wages are higher, and those people might be doing good for the country. Builders, Doctors and Nurses are jobs that not only help our country, but the person getting paid aswell!
  • There is an advantage to their lives as well. If someone needs to or is forced to run from war, they benefit from that as they move to somewhere knew, maybe to start a new life.

Although I think this, there are reasons we shouldn’t, listed below.

Reasons Against

  • If we all moved to another country ( or lots of people moved into our country) wouldn’t it be full? Where would the schools go , or houses?
  • Countries would be empty. By this I mean people would all move to somewhere else if their country was poor. I would do this too, but what would happen to their evacuated country? Instead of letting this happen we should all help. Make the country better through charity!

As I have explained before, I still think that this quote is true. People should have the right to move, as long as the have the needed equipment. We also need to stop being selfish and think about what the world could do to help.

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