session 3

Most rich countries have strict requiments for people who want to move there.

If I decide who choose throug conditions my choice are:

Laura and Pierre,rich couple who want to spend their retirement somewhere new, because they would a contribution to the state and don't would be a "problem".

Then I choose Feng,she plans to study and her family will pay the university fees, because came in the cuontry for study is a very valid reason.

Another choose would I do is the Kozlova family. Natalia and Yuri with their two sons are looking for a better conditions of life and Yuri confident that he'll be able to earn a lot more money. In my opinion they should have a chance because are family that would a contribution and their ideals are reliable.

I don't choose a person who could take away possibilities and without valid reason like Chadini . Or people with a criminal record like Ayla.

Secon me for this world crisis it is better to think first of all about the well-being of one's country, even though it knows a selfish thought.

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