The sky doesn't admit borders


Dear Trump ,

there are many discussions started after your decison to build a wall aimed to making safer the Mexico's precarious condition .

I say already at the star that I don't agree with this choise , but I don't want attack you or attack all the people who agree with you and your wall . I only want express my idea so that we can reflect together .

I won't talk about politics , but I'll talk about moral conscience and for do that I'll take like concern a book that I read some time ago . This text talk about Berlin's wall and most tragic events happened for its elevation , watched by pliceman. How many people were died for go over the wall and for reach their loved ones ? They are only numbers , forgotten people ...

All this for say that walls aren't only physicists , but they're psychological barriers , that each people while see a wall think at the mental and social divisions .

And it's inevitable that result already observed in the story of other walls , will costitute the story of this wall .

The mental reaction from population will be the same and this won't bring anything , only more problems .

Social problems will lead to economic problems , cultural problems and even less security.

So dear President Trump what will this wall be for , if not more chaos ? What will this division lead to , if not greater degree ?

P.S. Looking the sky I feel close to all the citizen of the world .

Dear Mexicans ( which aren't all criminals ) look the sky , you are and will always close . Because dear President Trump the sky can't be divided by wall .

The sky doesn't admit borders .