There is a life over the wall

And here I am at the end of a "path" based on the life of people over a wall, over barriers, especially psychological and mental.

After having deepened the subject, trying to identify myself in both worlds that are on the different sides of the wall and I disagree with the ideas of the President.

Putting myself on the side of Mexico, I feel the fear and fear that runs through my veins and I have as my constant thought the fact that the wall can separate people, destroying cultural exchanges, friendships and lives destined to walk on the same thread.

On the other hand, where the wall is considered a possibility for a better life and guaranteed power, I felt a power too big for everyone to pass me through, a power not yet guaranteed, however, because the supreme court has not yet supported the ideas put forward by the president.

I have decided to identify myself even for a moment with Trump and, although I have tried, I only see possible despair, confusion and chaos in his ideas.

What I've been saying since I started writing my posts is that in the end drugs circulate all over the world and the choice to raise the wall to avoid the spread of them in America by Mexican hands is wrong because nowadays if you want something you get it, even if it's an illegal thing and bearer of "evils".

What I have understood, therefore, observing the two "worlds" from the two different parts of the wall, is that while in America some people praise the name of the president, other people in the same place and on the other side of the wall believe that all this is wrong and that it would be better for everything to end.

Take down the Trump wall, think the best, think a better general state of life, think Mexico, its inhabitants, the fear you are spreading and the possible conflicts that could happen. There are lives in your hands, save them.


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