Thinking about it


Thinking about what you're going to do is important but thinking the about the effect it is going to have on you, people around you and the environment is even more important. Especially if you are a president who said that you'll build a 'big beautifull' wall on the border of your country that is incredibly expensive. I think that Donald Trump has handled this wall situation in the wrong way. If I was Trump and I truly didn't want the Mexicans crossing the border I wouldn't waste billions of dollars on a wall, I would enforce a law to stop Mexicans illegally coming into the USA or have a meeting about the situation with Andrés Manuel López Obrador who is the president of Mexico and think of a deal. Not only is the wall a wast of money, it is also a waste of time and a waste of material. It stops animals from migrating to places which is bad as when the weather changes they might not survive during harsh weather. That's the whole point of migration for animals.

Thinking about the effect on:


His level of reputation could go down as people might think that Donald Trump's wall is a waste of money. Not only the public may think that, but maybe even tax collectors.

The Environment

Building the wall will mean that many creatures that migrate won't be able to get over the wall. It will also affect plants as they may have to be removed from there habitat.

The Mexicans

The Mexicans won't be able to get over the wall. Sometimes for unecessary reasons, sometimes for serious reasons such as things like medicine or other things that isn't able to be done or found in Mexico.

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