thoughts on the Mexico–United States barrier


Trumps wall or simply the wall, is a colloquial name for the barrier between mexico and america called the ' Mexico–United States barrier'. During 2016 elections, trump claimed that if he was elected, he would build a wall and make mexico pay for it. Naturally, President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto refused to pay for the wall. In 2017, trump signed 'executive order 13767' which directed the US government to begin attempting to construct a wall on the US border with mexico. Construction didnt start at that time as there was a problem of how they would fund it. to build the wall, they needed $5 billion! In February 2019 Trump signed a Declaration of National Emergency, saying that the situation at the Mexico–United States border is a crisis requiring money allocated for other sources to be used instead to build the wall. As of March 2019 U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that, although they had begun replacement fencing, no new wall had yet been built.

Trump is a populist president. Populist presidents like Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump and Theresa May are famous for having little or no socially beneficial policies. Their constant focus is merely to “be popular” in order to retain personal power at all costs to buffet their fragile ego’s and childhood memories of being failures.

The easiest choice for populists is to to balme all the ills of the world on the sociologially easiest target groups… foreigners.

Government massively in debt due to a riduculously overfunded defense force primarily engaged to make the vice-presidents oil company rich?

Roads and bridges detoriorating and massively underfunded?

Tax-welfare system unfair and skewed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer (trickle up economics).

Medical insurance and pharmaceuticals too expensive?

Legals system bankrupting too many people with exhorbitant claims?

Education system ill equipped to train students for the skills of tomorrow?

Neighbourhoods being shot up gang’s using easily accessible military weapons?

It all seems logical.

Everyone is allowed to live where they want, even though people like trump believe otherwise. even though mexico and america had wars, it dosent mean that trump has to act this way! The people would've changed, and the wanted to show that but trumps show of disrespect caused both of the countries to sepeate. i thinks its upseting as both countries should have the opportunity to live where ever they want.


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