To B.N.C. Staff

By participating in this great project, I really started to look beyond, to observe what surrounds me, what surrounds us all.

From the first to the last session the help of my professor was essential because it helped me to establish contact with writing and to identify myself with what was the central topic.

Honestly, I had never written a text that dealt with such a "delicate" and important subject before. The subject was so interesting that, by now, the television news I had neglected before has become material for school and extracurricular discussions.

During the writing of the text, watching videos of this site helped me to have a clearer and more concrete idea of the subject.

the insights and interviews that the site Burnet News club offers also help for ideas and for the structure of a ''article''.

I wanted to thank the entire staff, the people who have read my work and the people who, even with a few words, have taught me something.

During the lessons my thoughts have matured and what were the topics have become important parts of my day, to deal with anyone who could listen to me.

I also thank the criticisms that have served as help and inspiration to improve.

Thank you very much for everything and I hope to rewrite on this site again next year.

Thank you BNC.

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