Trumps family had an immigrant past!


Trump’s paternal grandparents and his mother were immigrants!!!!

Trump started off his presidential campaign with headline grabbing remarks to do with immigration. As 'The Week' has said, those remarks were targeting the mass of the angry American white voters who have a feeling that immigrants have stolen their jobs, their sense of security and all their self respect. But Donald Trumps anti-immigration points of view seem to be similar to his own family's past-and they contradict Trump's to say it like it is.

Trump’s family has immigrants in its not-so-distant past. His mum is Mary Anne MacLeod Trump - born in the Hebridean island of Lewis which is part of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. His grandfather wasFriedrich Trump who emigrated from the small German village of Kallstadt. It was that member of the Trump family who amassed what The Week characterizes as “the first Trump family fortune” by opening restaurants that supplied alcohol.

Friedrich’s wife, Elizabeth, wanted to get back to Germany. But because Donal Trumps grandad had fled the country before he was old enough to complete the Germany’s compulsory military service, the authorities dismissed Donald Trumps grandad as a draft dodger and they wouldn’t restore his German citizenship. So his grandad and his grandma (who was five months pregnant with Frederick “Fred” Christ Trump, President Donald Trump’s father, returned to New York. Frederick became the man of the house once Donald Trumps dad died. Thanks to the growing tide of anti-German sentiment between WWI and WWII, he began to say that his ancestry was Swedish.

The New York Times notes that Frederick’s choice to bury the family’s German ancestry coincided with his effort to get in the real estate game, and to market his properties to the growing Jewish middle class in Brooklyn and Queens, New York.

Hearing this, I have seen a different side of Donal Trump. There are so many questions still going round in my head such as: Why would Trump do this even when this is what happened to his family? Does he want all immigrants to feel the same way he did? Does he agree or disagree with his grandparents? I hope that some of you might want to thoroughly research these questions and find the answer.


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