Trump's physical and ideological walls.


Watching the video about Trump's Wall, I was really shocked and almost upset. In my opinion it's ridiculous just the idea to build a wall between two different realities. Trump, as we can see in the video, is just a little child who loves to create barriers, both physical and ideological. America is in freefall because of him; could only a persone decide to spend billions and billions of dollar for a useless idea? I don't want believe it. I mustn't believe that.

In my idea there are two Trump's walls; the first is the one wich is going to separe USA and Mexico; the second is litterally an ideological wall between american people. In fact since Trump became president, right extremists are taking more and more space and I'm very scared about that!

In recent years, a new right movement, called Alt-Right (alternative right) has been expanding in American brains. Alt-Right has been created by Richard Stevens, a sort of white supremacist. I'd like to invite you all watching a documentary about that, called "Alt-Right: age of rage", directed by Adam Bhala Lough.

Trump could be a very dangerous person, but if there will be only one persone to fight for the right rights, justice will win.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    03 May 2019

    There are lots of right wing political parties around the world gaining popularity. Have you experienced this in Italy?

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    1. IIS.PNG reflective_night | Napoleone Colajanni
      Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 10 May 2019

      Italy is a country deeply marked by the right-wing government, especially in the fascist era. Fascism was a political movement born in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, by Benito Mussolini.This movement initially brought many benefits to Italy, until it turned into a true dictatorship, a totalitarian state that forbade freedom of speech, thought, and the press.Mussolini once said a sentence, which scared me a lot, but I believe it describes well the current situation of my country; he said: "A democratic state can be defined as one in which, from time to time, the people are given the illusion of being sovereign."
      Now the right-wing party that has more power in Italy is the League, whose premier is Matteo Salvini, and about it I think my people are making many mistakes we've already made in the past.

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      1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
        reflective_night's comment 13 May 2019

        That's an interesting, but complicated quote. Can you explain what you think Mussolini means, in your own words, and how this describes the current situation?

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        1. IIS.PNG reflective_night | Napoleone Colajanni
          Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 16 May 2019

          According to Mussolini a Democratic State is only a utopia, an illusion, since the decision-making power, the real one, belongs only to very few people, who very often abuse it. In this vision of democracy, the people, who should have the right to govern, find themselves in a state of alienation.In fact those who politically should represent the people, guaranteeing them well-being and stability, actually delude them by making promises, which they rarely maintain. Unfortunately this thought coincides in many points with our reality, because our people do not trust no more anyone politically ; it has been betrayed too many times.
          A striking example of this is what happened in Palermo, Sicily. A group of high school students, on the occasion of the "Memorial Day", 27 January, presented a project, comparing Mussolini's racial laws, with the laws promulgated by Salvini to solve the immigration problem.The government reacted by denouncing the teacher of these students and suspending him from his post.This fact perfectly highlights how, unfortunately, in a State defined as democratic, freedom of expression is even limited.
          I'm really upset about this ...

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