Trump's Wall

Session 1.

Basing on statistics, nowadays the number of Mexican immigrants in the USA has reduced a lot compared to 15 years ago. But still in Donald Trump's opinion immigration is a very big problem.

To my mind what Trump states is something untrue and wich can't be considered such a big trouble to cause the construction of a wall between two countries. Infact we must consider that the USA in the last years have welcomed less people than Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Germany and Hungery.

We must also consider the enormous expence of the construction of the wall and that he promised this wall during the election campaign and he can't now go back to his words so I think that , even though Trump doesn't probably considers the necessity of a wall, he has to start up with it just because he wants to be faithful to his promises not considering what it will cause from a social, political and economic point of view.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    02 May 2019

    Hi understanding_power,

    Welcome to the Hub! How did you find your first session?

    How might building the wall be a good thing for the American economy?

    Task for you: Find a post by another students and comment underneath it!

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    1. IIS.PNG understanding_power | Napoleone Colajanni
      Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 03 May 2019

      I found the first session interesting and stimulating beacause it deals with a very challenging topic such as Trump's wall.
      This topic has got many faces: the wall would probably be good for the USA economy because it would reduce the immigration of Mexican people and it would create jobs for the American citizens. But on the other side I don't think a wall would completely stop immigration because people could reach the USA also by the sea or by air. Another negative side in Trump's wall is that it would cost bilions of dollars and would have a terrible impact on the economy.

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  • IIS.PNG empowered_imagination | Napoleone Colajanni
    03 May 2019

    Hi understanding_power
    I completely agree with you! Notice, most of the population of the United States is made up mostly of immigrants , the wall is not the solution to abolish this illegal immigration. Why spend billions of dollars on a useless wall instead of spending all this money on something really concrete like poverty or terrorism?

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  • IIS.PNG persistent_studio | Napoleone Colajanni
    03 May 2019

    Hi understanding_power!

    I completely agree with you. You also talked about this topic, a very important topic nowadays, using direct, clear language and you have expressed everything completely


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  • IIS.PNG spectacular_otter | Napoleone Colajanni
    03 May 2019

    Hi understanding_power
    I think like you, it is not the best solution to build a wall to prevent drug trafficking,it is not right that people in need cannot go to America to seek better living conditions. Do you think Trump will change his mind and
    will be found an agreement between the two countries?
    Congratulation for your post!!

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  • IIS.PNG idealistic_desert | Napoleone Colajanni
    06 May 2019

    Hi understanding_power
    I totally agree with you,
    This is a very good post.
    You argue very delicate issues in an elegant and precise way without personally offending anyone but at the same time exposing opinions opposed to the protagonist of session 1 or Trump.

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