Trump’s wall: a flashback to the segregation in America


With the build up of the wall dividing America and Mexico, I believe there can be links made to the segregation in America during the 20th century.

During the 20th century, the division between white and black races were established following the emancipation of slaves. Due to them being free, black people now had rights. Unfortunately, this brought along the start of racism and unfairness...and segregation. Through separating the Mexicans, through labeling them as the issue with drug trafficking, Trump has brought with it an old argument, an argument that is outdated.

Building a wall to protect people from terrorism and harming actions, is different to building a wall to keep people out of a country for no particular reason.Trump is building a wall for all the wrong reasons.

Immigrants, whilst they may be illegally cross the border, they are often risking their lives in the hope of a better life...not to smuggle drugs. The BBC state that “It is estimated that 10,000 people try to smuggle themselves over the border every week. One in three get caught and those that do are likely to continue trying to cross the border at least twice a year.” Clearly, the American-Mexican border has become one of the busiest passages for illegal immigrants in the world. Trump believes that a strong country is a country with closed, well guarded borders...but what about those that seek refuge? Surely it is against human rights to deny them safe passage - legal or not. I believe that people should be allowed to have the rights to freedom, whether they are from the same country or not. Building walls to stop people from being able to cross a border (even though they are not from the same country) is not the right way to solve a situation. Trump should be able to see this and find another and more responsible way of solving the problem, instead of using a way that could have an affect on the large amount of lives that live near.

Finally, I do believe that Donald Trump needs to remember that segregation is outdated and wrong. He sees Mexicans as trouble and therefore is denying them safe passage into America. Wasn’t the same done with black people? They weren’t allowed in schools, to sit in certain places on buses, use certain water fountains...and look at all the hate this caused and look at how long it took people to change their opinions.

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