Trump's Wall: Final Piece

In my opinion walls are used to divide people because most of the time, the purpose of walls are to stop people from other countries coming in. For example, one of Trump’s major intentions is to stop illegal immigration. This is because he is still thinking from the mindset of the 1960s (when discrimination was a lot more common). He has displayed himself as old-fashioned and ignorant. He is using Mexicans at scapegoats for America’s problems. His catch phrase to “Make America Great Again” is to blame other people, rather than actually addressing the root of the problems. Unfortunately, because he is in a position of high power, people are buying into this, which makes America a very dangerous country moving forward. Trump wishes to use the wall in a similar way to the purpose of the Berlin Wall, which was to prevent people from escaping from the eastern half of Berlin through Hungary. This proves my point because most of the walls are just trying to divide people and to stop people from coming together, instead of uniting people.

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