Trump's wall is a physical and mental wall.

Session 1:

I think that Trump's wall not only is a waste of time and money, it is also a big bad idea, because the construnction of this wall will be a physical barrier in which theoretically illegal drugs and immigrants will not be able to pass through it for him... but it's a lie! and the video of session 1 said that. That wall will only divide two states for no reasons and will waste a lot of money which we could use to help poor people because in the USA there are more abandoned houses than homeless people, or to allow transgenders to join the army and pay medical expenses, or for a lot of other issues that affect the state.

The first thing in this world is to unite the world and the races and share traditions, because only after having destroyed all the physical barrier the mental barrier also will be destroyed.

We need to shake our hands to overcome the problems, not to divide us. UNITY IS STRENGTH.

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