Trump's wall: Useless Racism.


I think that the Wall that Donald Trump wants to build is a waste of money and a horrible racist's action.

It Is crazy to think to use the money for some real emerencies to build this wall, because it is always possible that this money could be useful for something that should be really necessary, for example on environmental issue.

If we look at some data, we learn that the drugs pass from some strategical points, so i think that this wall can't be useful to stop the drugs's traffic. Moreover, to prevent the immigration of Mexican's people is wrong, because they could have a real problem to leave their country, also it isn't sure that this wall can stop illegal immigration. So for human point of view i think it is totally incorrect.

But in my opinion the worst thing is another one: that he promises to build this wall without seeing before how much it costs, and he has caused a shut down in America because he wants to use the money of American people.

I agree with Mexico's politics that don't want to pay for a wall that they don't want.

So in my opinion the political action of Donald Trump is totally incorrect.

i don't agree with him because his actions are based on racism and some common places and it is very despicable.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    03 May 2019

    If there were no restrictions on migration, what might some of the difficulties be for:
    - A country where many people want to move to
    - A country where many people want to move from

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg plucky_cat | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    10 May 2019

    I posted about this on another discussion post earlier today. The discussion was about Italy closing its borders. I pointed out that an influx of people all of a sudden, to an area that is unprepared and doesn't have the resources to cope can cause a huge problem. The responsibility of caring fro the migrants falls on the receiving country and the people that live there to fund it. This can cause ill feeling.
    If a country suddenly loses a large number of it's working age population, the economy can suffer and then the country itself suffers more, leading to even more people wanting to leave.
    Really, the sensible thing to so would be for countries to work together to make places that people want to leave better so that people think they have a future there and want to stay.

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