Two different perspectives about Trump's Wall


I've found this project stimulating and very interesting because it has gaven to me the opportunity to compare my opinions not only with people from other parts of the world, but also with people who I've been knowing for a lot of time with whom I had never had the opportunity to talk about such a serious and challenging topic.

This project has also given to me the opportunity to see Trump's Wall from different points of view infact I've tryed to identify myself both in an American and in a Mexican citizen and to understand what they could feel like. I think the American citizen wouldn't parcularly feel afraid of loosing the identity of his country but to loose his economic power.

While the Mexican one emigrates to look for better conditions of life, far from the violences, which are very diffused in Mexico, and far from the absence of opportunities.

Despite seeing the Wall from these two different perspectives I'm still of the opinion the construction of a wall is something needless and it's ethically, economically and socially wrong because it limits people freedom, it causes an enormous waste of money and, despite all, it won't solve anything!

Furthermore I think that a government hasn't got the power to construct borders around a country beacuse the land doesn't belong to a single person or an institution and neither to all umans: it belongs to all the living beings.

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