Visa applications: to whom and to whom not

Several countries have applied for a visa to limit and control migration, and in some ways I am in favor, since in this way security would be greater and migration would not be completely banned.

Often it works well but I do not completely agree with the requirements that must be met to enter that particular country.

I think in fact that needs to give precedence to families, students and all those who run away towards a better future.

A country does not always care about those most in need, as it certainly would not enrich it more than an economically and socially important person.

Often the world is really selfish, does not think that war, crisis, death are misfortunes that could affect anyone. Let's not think about the fact that one day it will happen to us and if so, who will help us?

Those who for centuries have banished from our country, abandoning them to a dark and totally negative destiny?

Those who have begged us to welcome their children to allow them to have a future?

Why should they do it?

We basically don't deserve it ...

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