Walls and borders


As we know, Donald Trump is wanting to build a border between Mexico and America. He wanted Mexico to p;ay but he now wants others. He's calling it the ' Emergancy ' now for people to give money...

Example Of Walls

House walls School walls Office walls Border Sea walls

There are many other walls.


What do you think about walls?

Do you think that borders are good walls?

My answer

Do you think that borders are good walls?

I think that both are correct.

I know that it can be a good idea to build a border because if you were in Syria , Jordan , Afganistan or North Korea, there would be lots of wars so it would be good if there was a border around them. It can also be good to build a border because there could be somebody's private properaty and maybe the police would be investigating something strange or weird to find.

It could also be a bad idea because at night, criminals could be going over the wall and causing chaos around when it might be something very important. Also, it could be a bad idea because if there was a country who wanted to do a war, they could destroy the wall and start doing chaos when the other country doesn't know!

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