Walls around the world


Around the world walls were buit for a reson I am going to tell why they were buit fist the great wall of China it is the longest wall in the world it is 200km it said that 100,000 people deid when the great wall was buit next hardrin wall hardrin wall was built at the border between Scotland and England it was built to defend Scotland from English and the Romons next the Krein wall the wall spit north koria and shouth koria and this wall devied familys next the Berlin wall in gemary at the end of World War II gemary was spit in two west gemary and east gemary east was rich and there is a lot of freedom but in west gemary is a horrible place to be because there was no freedom people had to pay a lot of taxs then people from west gemary started going to east but west gemary built a wall so people get into east gemary because if they did get into east gemary the west gemary's ecomey would cloaples but people still mange to get into east gemary next hungry's wall the Hungry's wall was buit because when sryia was at war people from sryia went to Hungry but they built a wall to stop people from sryia but in 2015 people destoryed the wall so you see when Donlod Trump make his wall the Mexicon people will suffer but they still could get into Amica.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    20 May 2019

    Thanks for you post! Don't forget some full stops to make your posts easier to read.

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