Walls of destruction


Berlin wall was originally created to keep people in a country. It needed to be built because too many people were moving to other richer neighbouring countries in search of a better life. They were worried that if any more people were to leave their society would fall. With a hight of 3.2m and 24h guard watch ,people's lives began to change for the worst. People were cut off and separated from eachover. Hundreds attempted to escape putting their lives at risk and very few made it while many died- shot by the guards. Finally after many years the Berlin wall was finally taken down for good. Parts of the wall still remain as a memory of a troublesome time for many.


This wall has it's upside as well as it's downside. Hundreds of years ago this wall was built to do the opposite- keep people out. It helped by defending them by the large amount of raids they got from other countries. The great wall was also built using stone, brick, tampered earth, wood, and other materials. But building this massive wall of defense was not easy to build especially with its outstanding size. Infact thousands of people died building the wall and many question how it was even done!? I know i do.


People build walls for good enough reasons but some people don't think things through properly. Some people don't even notice how big of a deal it is to do something like that. I don't agree with Donald trump's wall because he doesn't listen to anyone about it and i don't even think he's doing it for Mexico you don't have to agree with me and i am glad for you to write your opinions in the comment box below .

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