WALLS OR NO WALLS? That is the question


I thought a lot about this issues, but we have to analyze every point of view about the building of the wall.

What americans think:

The southern border of the United States shared with Mexico spans almost 2,000 miles. Walls, fences, and virtual walls of sensors and cameras monitored by the U.S. Border Patrol are already built along one-third of the border (approximately 670 miles) to secure the border and cut down on illegal immigration. Americans are split on the border barrier issue. While most people are in favor of increasing the security of the borders, others are concerned that the negative impacts do not outweigh the benefits. The U.S. government views the Mexican border as an important part of its overall homeland security initiative.

What mexicans think:

A girl said: "I am Mexican, I feel offended, why should I have to pay for your problems? Resolve your own issues. It is not only Mexicans who cross over, but a lot of central and South American, in fact Mexicans are the minority doing the crossing. So stop putting the blame on others and start taking responsibility on the problems of your own causing. Because if you weren't hiring them they wouldn't be staying. And if you want someone to pay, then the wall should be paid by Asians, Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans."

What I think:

In my opinion, Trump is only observing what he promized before his election. In front of a delicate problem like immigration, we don't have to consider that, if a person is immigrating from his country, it doesn't mean he is only looking for a better life; people escape from civil wars, hunger and poverty. You can't slam your door in their face becuase they need help!

Secondly, I think the wall is a waste of money as I explaned in my posts and U.S.' money may be used in a better way like building "special borders patrols" to check the influx of immigrants.

Finally, I repute the U.S.A.'s president is not respecting human rights because if someone escape from war they become political refugees and you can't reject them at all!

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg quiet_horse | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    30 May 2019

    I agree with you helpful_rock. What Trump is doing is a waste of money and he should not just e throwing away billions of dollars to a stupid wall. It may not wen be the Mexicans who are bringing in illegal drugs or other illegal items, it may be people from other places. Mexico can't take the blame of something that could have been done by someone else. Hundreds of migrants are coming to the US, hoping for a better life but then they find themselves in a place that was worse than their home country.

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  • Dante Alighieri.PNG enchanted_power | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    I agree, in my opinion the building of this wall is a very evitable thing. I can understand why Trump wants to build it, but, come on!

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg warm_fig | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B| United Kingdom
    13 Dec 2019

    Trump should not build a wall because every one should be aloud to go where they want i cant say there we go and there we not go

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