Walls: symbols of regression


During this project I thought a lot. I thought about walls, about all those walls that are built to keep people far from each other, to divide cities and countries, to divide different cultures. I thought about the intrinsic need of humans to mark what is his from what is not.

In particular the discussion on the conflict between Mexicans and Americans let me identify in both positions: in the desperation of a Mexican who would like to make his life better and in the patriotism of an American who would like to safeguard his country. The question arises: safeguard from what? Primally from problem that could result from overpopulation, like unemployment or like crumbing of social facilities and secondly from the unstoppable traffic of drugs that this big flow would bring. On the other hand if I were on the side of a Mexican, I’d love to be welcomed because if it’s true that I understand the reasons of the Americans it’s also true that I believe strongly in the respect that should exist between men, regardless of the country of origin, because we are all children of the same land. But above all I think that the construction of the wall would make the Mexicans feel deeply wounded and outcast, almost as if they were animals or "sick" people who could spread their "disease" in the USA.

I think that this wall is the symbol par excellence of fear, division, forced separation from others, from the citizen who doesn’t share the same language or culture but who shares the same globe and the same rights. But the thing that worries me most of all is that these barriers can imprison our thoughts more than anything else.

We must recall the injustices that the constructions of walls in the past has brought and still brings with it today and to make sure that the dramatic situation of division is not forgotten, to teach the whole world to conduct political conflicts differently, with a more human, peaceful and constructive management.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    31 May 2019

    This is a brilliant Final piece which is very well written. I love the artwork too!

  • Dante Alighieri.PNG honorable_apricot | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    It's a fantastic post, I agree whit you.

  • Dante Alighieri.PNG hardworking_insect | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    I agree with your opinion and your hard work !

  • Dante Alighieri.PNG diplomatic_peak | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    Very good project! I love the


  • Dante Alighieri.PNG amusing_cricket | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    in my opinion too the trumps wall represent the regression reporting our self in the second world war

  • Dante Alighieri.PNG altruistic_maths | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    I love to be in this site because I like English

  • Dante Alighieri.PNG intellectual_bat | Dante Alighieri
    03 Jun 2019

    I think that this wall is the symbol par excellence of fear, division, forced separation from others, from the citizen who doesn’t share the same language or culture but who shares the same globe and the same rights.

  • global-conversation.png flourished_dinosaur | Rev Father Lemmens Basic School | Ghana
    26 Apr 2020

    This is brilliant and fantastic final piece, and post which is very well written.

  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg remarkable_penguin | Streatham Wells Primary School
    05 Nov 2020

    I heard that trump also has a law that says people from places that are mostly Muslim can not fly over to America. He dos not like people who are not christian like him, but if I were him I would not put it in because they do not stop him from being christian. Personally I do not think people's religan should change how they are treated.

  • British Council.jpg broadminded_ladder | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    24 Nov 2021

    Here, I feel it necessary to situate myself and find myself talk about the separation wall in the west bank. It is a wall constructed to limit the movement of people across a certain line or border, or to separate peoples or cultures.
    Also I believe that the wall has a significant, negative impact on labor force participation rates, probably as a result of reduced access for Palestinians to their workplaces on either side of the wall. The larger magnitude of the effect on women’s economic participation highlights the distinct gender impact of the wall.
    In addition , The agricultural sector has suffered from the construction of the wall, as reflected by the statistically significant decline of the share of agriculture in employment for men, women and the population as a whole.
    So why should we as a Palestinian suffer a lot in terms of men, women as well as children ?
    And for how long we will be in this prison ? Freedom is right for all Palestinian.

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