What do I think about borders?


What do I think about borders?

I think that borders can be a good and a bad thing because if we let other people in then more people would be safe incase of any wars which could happen like in Syria, Jordan, North Korea or Afganistan. It could also be a bad thing because more people would complain about it and there would be more votes and decisions to make and it makes it more harder. If more votes would come up if to take away a border to let people in or to keep, it would make them be more nervous and realise that it would be a bad idea to go to one country and they would have to go to a far one. We need to help one another and even if there is a border or if some president is planning to do one, we should still realise that we need to give everybody a chance.


  • Do you think we should let other people come in?
  • Do you think that Donald Trump had made a good decision?
  • Do you think that we need to be fair to everybody and even if a country did some to yours, we should still give them another chance?
  • Would you to be lots of votes about borders?

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