What do you think about the wall

I would like to know what you think about the wall I will give you one example to start you of and some sentence starters so feel free to magpie eny ideas you way like to use in ent way.

i think the wall is bad because if someones country is dangerous and they could get seriously hurt and that is not fear because someone should not have to live a life in feared dieying.And if they are not allowed to cross the border they may get court and sent to there country and that is a higher chance of getting hurt and if they did get past the wall they will not have a home or a job and they would be homeless so the wall was a really bad idea of Donald trump to do.

hear are some sentance starters to start of you’re coment

I think...

i don’t think the wall is good because...

i do think the wall is good because...

there are some sentence starters and remember you can use the internet to find some really good ideas

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